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    Serra de Monchique Golf Club is the club associated with Silves Golf Course. The club aims to provide competitions, control handicaps and to provide a social life for its members guided by the values statements authorised by the membership. Its rules are set up to provide a structure around which the club can be run.

    Serra de Monchique Golf Club was formed in 2005, at Morgado de Reguengo when the regular players were invited to form a club. There were 30 founder members and the first General Meeting of the membership was held on 8th November 2005. At the end of 2006 the club moved to Silves Course, which had just opened. Mark Ellerton was appointed Captain for 2007. Pestana's very favourable terms of green fee arrangements led to an substantial increase in membership in 2008. Many Northern European countries are represented, including a number of Portuguese members.

    The club plays competitions on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. Tuesdays are for singles competitions either as Monthly medal or Stableford Qualifier. On Thursdays some members play at Silves in a format of their own choice, but many members elect to play on the other courses within the Pestana group. On Saturdays there is a wide variety of game formats, normally as team competitions as pairs or teams of four players. There are occasional qualifying competitions on Saturdays to suit our members who are in full time employment. Our eventlist will show these.

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