Reference: Rules of Golf 2008 - 2011
EGA handicap system published by FPG ‘Sistema de Handicap 2007-2011’
The Rules of Golf define the forms of play and the European Golfing Association (EGA) has recommended methods of calculating handicap allowances, see below.  The Committee running a competition has the discretion to vary the methods of calculating handicap allowances. Variations should be published with the notice of the competition.

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Teams of 4 - All players drive on each tee. The team then decides which of their balls is in the best position for the next shot. Position of the ball must be marked. The player whose ball was chosen must play first. The other players in the team may clean the balls and then play them from that position:
 - On the green or fairway they must place it, not nearer the hole, within 6 inches (the height of a scorecard);
 - Otherwise (e.g. in the rough, in a bunker etc.) they must drop it, not nearer the hole, within one club-length. When dropping in the hazard the ball must hit part of the hazard first.
After drive all players play their own ball until they hole out. Various number of best Stableford scores per hole to count (see competition description). Each player must have a certain number of his/her drives selected and clearly marked on the card.

Teams of 4 - Pay your own ball. All par 5's two players stableford score to count, par 4's three players stableford scores to count and par 3's all four players stableford scores to count.

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All Competitions on Tuesdays are to be played within the Tee times allotted by Pestana to Serra de Monchique Golf Club.
The Allotted Tee times for Stableford Competitions are as displayed on the playing list on the Serra de Monchique club noticeboard in the reception area of Silves clubhouse. The Tee times for Medals are allotted by way of the seeded draw and players, who have requested to play, will be notified by Email.
The only exception to playing outside of the Serra de Monchique allotted Tee times in a Competition is when there are no spaces left. Prior agreement to do this must be sought from the Chairman of the Competitions Committee or in his absence the Captain or Vice Captain.

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