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Christmas Carols + Hampers
Christmas Carols + Hampers
Saturday, 9 December 2023, 07:01
Silves - Vila Fria,


Hampers to be sourced by Merja Ronkko & Julia Hall

Finger buffet after the game, provided by the members.
Please email Mags at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with what you intend to bring on the day, so that there aren't too many duplications. Please give your food to Fatima before the game, so that everything will be ready for us upon our return to the clubhouse.
All drinks should be bought at the bar as usual.
Don't forget to dress in your finest Christmas outfits - prizes will be awarded to the best dressed Gentleman and Lady, chosen by the Pestana Staff. And bring your singing voices!




Social team competition, 95% sloped handicap, Yellow tees for men, Red tees for ladies

Shot Gun Start 08.30

Enter in pairs, drawn as a 4 ball.

Teams of 4 - All players drive on each tee. Stroke Play scoring.

The team then decides which of their balls is in the best position for the next shot. The position of the ball must be marked. The player whose ball was chosen must play first. The other players in the team (in any order) may clean their own ball and then play it from marked position:

 - On the green or fairway they must place it, not nearer the hole, within 6 inches (the height of a scorecard);

 - Otherwise (e.g. in the rough, in a bunker etc.) they must drop it, not nearer the hole, within one club-length. When dropping in the hazard the ball must hit part of the hazard first.

Next shot, again the team decides which ball is best placed, and the ball's position is marked. All players take a shot as described above. Carry on until you hole out, using the best shot each time.

Each player must have at least 4 of their drives drives selected. Each player must have 4 of their drives clearly marked on the card, simply by recording the gross score for the team under the column of the player whose tee shot was selected.

Players are allowed to substitute the ball, when their own ball is a distance away from the chosen ball, especially if this is done to maintain the pace of play.

How to Determine Team Handicap and NET Score: The team handicap is 10% of combined sloped handicaps for all teams. Handicap will be calculated to one decimal place. Example: 4 Player Team with combined handicap of 48 x 10% = 4.8 strokes off total gross score (e.g. final gross is 71 - 4.8 = 66.2 net)

For a 3 Player Team, on hole 1, Player A is allowed to play a "second drive", and a "second shot" at every stage of the hole, with a clearly identifiable "second ball". Player A is effectively a "playing ghost" on hole 1. It is like the team has 4 players.

On hole 2, Player B must play the additional ball, on hole 3 Player C, and then back to Player A on hole 4, etc. This should mean that a 3 player team is not disadvantaged relative to a 4 player team. The "ghost", like all other players, should have 4 drives identified clearly on the score card, and the teams gross score recorded in a separate column labelled "ghost" when the "ghost" drive is used.

For more information visit SDM Golf competition types page.


Vila Fria


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