Latest Completion Dates

7th January - Round 1, 11th February - Round 2, 10th March - Round 3,  7th April - Semi Final,  12th May - Final

The players at the top of each match should contact there opponents with 3 possible dates to play your match

Sloped index 90%

Shots 100% of the difference 

Players should receive 90% of their handicap, an example is as follows

Player A Handicap 10, White Tee slope rating 9 shots

Player B Handicap 15, White Tee slope rating 14 shots

Player C Handicap 20, White Tee slope rating 19 shots

Player D Handicap 25, White Tee Slope rating 23 shots

Player A plays of zero, Player B Receives 5 shots, Player C 10 Shots, Player D 14 shots

Men's Handicap Table

White tees 

2023 Champions: Richard Emrich & Joost Rombouts


Round 1 Round 2Round 3Semi F Final
 E.Kassner & B.Cutt
 D.Briggs & M.Dean
 P.Raap & D.Oelmann
 J.Hall & D.Darling
 L.Smith & M.Caudle
P.Bedi & J.Namtvedt
S.Barratt & W.Sinfield
R.Emrich & J.Rombouts
P.Steward & M.Huxtable
K.Bell & I.Wakenshaw
 C.Rooney & M.Schuijt
 R.Wraith & S.Newton
J.Daapan & P.L.Tonstad
K.Scott & P.Chapmann
S.Edwards & M.Schmit
S.Arnes & J.Macfarlane
H.vd.Laar & R.Veltmann
M.Marshall & S.Day


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