Latest Completion Dates

28th April - Round of 32, 30 June - Round of 16, 11 August - Quarter Final,  8 September - Semi Final,  13 October - Final

Shots= 90% of the difference in sloped handicap, Men white tees, Ladies red tees 

nb: only the men's stroke indexes are used.

Round of 32Round of 16Quarter finalSemi finalFinal 
K. Bell/S Davison        
   M & J  Rombouts      
M. Rombouts/J. Rombouts        
 J Corrigan/U Bischoff     
C. Zisimides/L. Cowell        
   J Corrigan/ U Bischoff       
J. Corrigan/U. Bischoff      P&J Kelly   
   L. Smith/M. Taylor
D. Briggs/B. Briggs  
  P&J Kelly 
   P & J Kelly        
P. Kelly/J. Kelly  
    M& K Huxtable 
   P. Chapman/M. Chapman
  P&M Chapman 
   S. Edwards/J Barratt   
 M&K Huxtable 
   M. Huxtable/K. Huxtable  
      M & K Huxtable 
  S.McGill/M. McGill      
   G. Bristow/S. Rumfitt  
 J. Cruz/J. Edwards
  J Cruz/ J Edwards 
   J.Cruz / J Edwards ⁶  
 B. PIke/S. Pike
  S Barrett/  J Bell
  S. Barrett/J. Bell
  S Barrett/ J Bell 
   K. Scott/A. Scott      
   M. Greenwood/J. Greenwood
  W& M Hofmann 
   W. Hofmann/M. Hofmann      
    W&M Hofmann   
   I. Wakenshaw/A. Rodriguez      
      I Wakenshaw/ A Rodriguez     
   R. Emrich/W. Emrich      

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