Latest completion dates;

Preliminary Round: 28th April, Round of 16: 30th June, Quarter finals: 11th August, Semi finals: 8th Sept, Final: 13th October.

Shots = 90% of the difference in sloped handicaps.

White tees.


 Preliminary Round  Round of 16  Quarter finals  Semi finals  Final
P. Chapman/S. Edwards                               
  B.Coe / M Giriling      
B. Coe/M. Girling   D Darling/ N Cotterill     
  D. Darling/N. Cotterill      
  K. Lancaster/J. Stradling      
    M Huxtable/J Cruz    
  M. Huxtable/J. Cruz      
        C.Zisimedes/ M.Schuijt 
  B. Pike/D. Briggs      
  M. Caudle/I. Williams      
S. Barrett/L. Smith     C.Zisimedes/M.schuijt   
  S Barrett/ L Smith       
D. Underwood/P. Spallin   C Zisiimedes/ M Schuijt     
  C. Zisimides/M. Schuijt      
  E. Pyper/J. Corrigan    

 P Taylor 


    E.Pyper/J Corrigan     
  P-L. Tonstad/J. Daapan      
      C.Price  B.Honour   
  M. Marshall/P. Vaughn      
    C.Price / B Honour     
  C. Price/B. Honour      
K. Bell/I. Wakenshaw       P.Kelly/S.Day 
  K Bell / I Wakenshaw       
S. Morgan/M. McFarlane   K Bell/ I Wakenshaw     
  R. Emrich/G. Bristow      
      P Kelly/ S Day  
  S. Day/P. Kelly      
    S Day/ P Kelly     
  M. Brand/S. Deans      


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