Foursome knockout 2019-20

Handicap allowance = 50% of the difference in combined sloped handicaps (men whites tees, ladies red tees)  
Eg. team A members have handicaps of 16 and 20 (total 36), team B have handicaps of 12 and 14 (total 26) then the allowance will be 36-26= 10 x 50%= 5 shots  
Gents SI apply for all pairs   

Latest Completion Date

25-Nov - Round of 32, 12-Jan - Round of 16, 15-Feb - Quarter Final, TBA -March - Semi Final, TBAFinal


P&M Chapman

 C.Rooney & M Schuijt 

Prel. 25-Nov12-Jan15-Feb15march 7th AprilWinner
 A& K Scott
KHuxtable & E.Pyper 
 K Huxtable & Y Pyper
     S&J Barratt       
 S & J Barratt
       S&J Barratt     
J&M Greenwood
 P&M Chapman
P&M Chapman
 C.Rooney &M.Schuijt   
    C. Rooney & M. Schuijt
     C.Rooney & M.Schuijt 
S Morgan  & J.Cruz 
     C.Zisimides & S.Edwards 
 E Pyper & J Corrigan
C.Zisimides & S.Edwards
 C Zisimides & S Edwards
 P & R Raap
 L Smith & I Williams 
 C.Rooney. M.Schuijt 
     L Smith & I Williams   
 M&J Rombouts
 Caudle  & Bell 
M Caudle & K.Bell 
W&M Hoffman
 W&M Hoffmann 
 S Davison & M Huxtable
     D&B Briggs 
 D&B Briggs
R&W Emerich
 D Underwood & L Pratt
 D.Underwood & P Spallin
 T&Y Grisiger
 S.Rumfitt & G. Bristow 
PL Tonstad & J Daapan
     S.Rumfitt  &G.Bristow      
S Rumfitt & G Bristow