Presidents Day - Registration is Closed


Presidents Day
Saturday, 24 October 2020, 07:01
Silves - Vila Fria,
Board Competition



Enter in Pairs, Drawn as a 4 ball. Partial Shot Gun 
Teams of 4 - All players drive on each tee. The team then decides which of their balls is in the best position for the next shot. Position of the ball must be marked. The player whose ball was chosen must play first. The other players in the team may clean the balls and then play them from that position:
 - On the green or fairway they must place it, not nearer the hole, within 6 inches (the height of a scorecard);
 - Otherwise (e.g. in the rough, in a bunker etc.) they must drop it, not nearer the hole, within one club-length. When dropping in the hazard the ball must hit part of the hazard first.
After drive all players play their own ball until they hole out. Various number of best Stableford scores per hole to count (see competition description). Each player must have a certain number of his/her drives selected and clearly marked on the card. 4 Drives per person.

Please check that you have a Minimum of 4 Qualifying cards from SDM qualifying competitions in the 6 months prior to this event, (this is a requirement should the team win to be named on the Board) .

 You can still play in the competition even though you may not have sufficient qualifying cards registered.

Social team competition, full sloped handicap, white tees for men, red tees for ladies.
For more information visit SDM Golf competition types page.

Please see below information and guidelines, for adequate player behaviour in Covid-19 context for which we ask your special attention.

  • Respect social distancing at all times.
  • The use of protective masks is mandatory when accessing the premises of the club house.
  • Locker rooms and showers not available.
  • Only 1 selling point available at reception.
  • Check – In maximum with 30 minutes in advance;
  • Arrival at the 1st Tee maximum with 5 minutes in advance.
  • Sanitize your hands along the way and at the end of the game.
  • Partners who are living together may share a buggy.
  • Do not touch flagsticks.
  • Rakes are removed from bunkers. Please bunkers to be raked by using a club.
  • Club washers, compressor and shoe cleaning brushes are not available
  • Clubhouse now open, sit in groups of 4 on the terrace.
  • Have a nice game.


Vila Fria


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