Federação Portuguesa de Golfe

What is an EGA Handicap?

A Handicap is a value that represents the player’s ability. By having a handicap, players with less ability receive a number of additional strokes, distributed through the holes. The EGA Handicap is the official designation of a handicap within the EGA Handicap System of the European Golf Association (EGA), which is administrated by the Portuguese Golf Federation, in Portugal, since 2000. EGA Handicap is an index that represents the player’s ability, in relation to a golf course with standard difficulty.

 What is a Playing Handicap?

It is the number of handicap strokes that a player receives for a specific set of tees at a golf course, corresponding to the player’s EGA Handicap. The EGA Playing Handicap can be looked up on the playing handicap table, displayed on the starting tees and on the golf course notice board. Playing Handicaps are also available on the FPG’s website.

How to obtain an EGA Handicap?

To obtain an EGA Handicap the player must be affiliated to the Portuguese Golf Federation (FPG). The player must contact the entity through which he is registered in the FPG, for handicapping purposes. That is the entity responsible for the player’s handicap management, that will inform the player about the procedures of how to obtain a handicap and that will assign the handicap. 

  • Beginners can obtain their first EGA Handicap by submitting at least one score
  • To obtain a handicap of 36 or less, the player needs to submit four scores.

The rounds may be played on any rated golf course, for 18 or 9 holes. The scorecards have to be duly signed by the player and the marker. To obtain an EGA Handicap, the player must have essential knowledge of The Rules of Golf and Etiquette. Additional information regarding the player’s playing ability, or previous golf record, may be taken in consideration. Specific conditions apply to Category 1 players. Specific conditions apply to new affiliated players that have a handicap abroad.

How to obtain/register a Handicap in Portugal for a new affiliated player that has a handicap abroad?

If the player, when becoming affiliated in Portugal, already has an EGA Handicap allotted by another European Association, he needs to submit his playing record, for registration and to maintain his record during the period playing in Portugal. If the player, when becoming affiliated in Portugal, already has a Non-EGA Handicap (CONGU, USGA), from another jurisdiction, he needs to submit his playing record to the Handicap Committee, for scrutiny, subsequent allotment of the EGA Handicap, and management during the period playing in Portugal.

How many Handicap Categories are there?

EGA Handicaps are grouped within the following categories:

  • - Category 1: "plus" – 4.4
  • - Category 2: 4.5 – 11.4
  • - Category 3: 11.5 – 18.4
  • - Category 4: 18.5 – 26.4
  • - Category 5: 26.5 – 36.0
  • - Category 6: 37 – 54

How does the EGA Handicap change?

As the playing ability of the player improves or declines, the handicap is updated according to the scores posted. If a player submits good scores, the player’s handicap will be reduced, or vice-versa. In general, the EGA Handicap of a player is changed based on EDS and Tournament scores, and additionally it can be updated by other adjustments, such as the Handicap Review or, occasionally, by the Handicap Committee.

What scores are used for handicap purposes?

Are eligible for handicap purposes all rounds played in Stroke Play and Stableford, with 100% playing handicap and played under handicap conditions. Meaning that the rounds are played on rated golf courses, within the parameters approved by the FPG, complying with The Rules of Golf and with the score confirmed by a marker. 18-hole and 9-hole scores are eligible for handicapping purposes, being 9-hole scores only eligible for handicap categories 2 to 6. Qualifying scores can be played:

  • - in competitions organised by entities approved by the FPG and deemed to be qualifying;
  • - as EDS.