Sunday 21st of August was one of our hottest, but that didn't deter SDM members and friends from coming to the Captain's Garden Féte.

Ages ranged from 8 into the 80s, but everyone became children, playing good old fashioned games and challenges.

The garden rang with laughter, which was a good indication of people having fun. Of course, it may have been due to Tweedy's BBQ food being accompanied by drinks from Richard Emrich's "Just the Ticket" refreshment bar!

Thank you to everyone who gave up many hours in the planning, assisted on the day, baked all those fabulous cakes and biscuits and to everyone who came along.

With a couple of pledges on their way, the total figure raised on the day for the Algarve Oncology Association is €804.13 - success all round!

                     CAPTAIN'S CHARITY GARDEN FETE          
Game Name Result Prize
Guess the number of corks Bob Lanning 255 (249) Bottle of Wine
Guess the number of tops Ian Emmins 300 (270) Bottle of Beer
Guess the number of lids Karen Huxtable 555 (793) Bottle of Water
Guess the number of balls Ian Emmins 58 (60) Sleeve of Balls
Guess the weight of cake Del Burtenshaw 1lb 6oz The Cake
Guess the baby's names KH, LC, MM 8,6,6 Sweets
Putting Competition Pete Steward 4 Sleeve of Balls 
Chipping Competition Pete Steward 2 Sleeve of Balls
Splat the Rat Logan 2 Sweets
Hoopla Ria Rapp 2 Hola Hoops
Hook a Duck Kevin Bell 4 Woo Duck and Almonds
Ladder and Bean Bag Ulla Bischoff 17 Tin of Baked Beans



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