Per Lars Tonstad

A large field of happy golfers had lot of fun during Captain´s Drive in Saturday 1st April. To fit everybody in, we needed to shorten the interval between the groups from nine to eight minutes. That worked well, not much waiting and no big gap between any of the groups.
The new Captain Per Lars Tonstad drove in as early as 8 am, with many players watching. He found the fairway on his second attempt!
After golfing, around 50 players stayed for barbecue and others just for a drink. The food was good, and people enjoyed sitting in the sun and chat with others. Per Lars held his speech and introduced Rita Pinto, the leader of Castelo de Sonhos. She presented the organization chosen for the Captain´s Charity this year. Castelo the Sonhos is a local organization, based in Silves. During many years the have supported underprivileged people in our neighborhoud with food, clothes, furniture and other things needed. They also have special program for children that can´t live with their parents. The need for support is huge, and the club will find different ways of raising money for the charity throughout the year. The first day we collected €675, and Rita Pinto was very happy and grateful when she received the money. Finally outgoing captain Mags Taylor showed us how to putt, she made an impressive two-putt from a difficult position on the 18th green. Another great day in Algarve, and a great day for Serra de Monchique.


1st Mark Schmit & Stu McGill 48pts

2nd Dave Darling & Merja Ronkko 47pts

3rd Ronnie Wraith & Cliff Keen 45pts

NTP: Ronnie Wraith & Karen Huxtable  


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