SdM Membership Application Form

Welcome to the Serra de Monchique (SdM) Golf Club Application Form. If you wish to apply for membership please fill in the form below and press submit.
The Management Committee may refuse Membership to an applicant without giving a reason.
Submission of this form does not guarantee an offer of Membership.
Applicants will also need to form a golf contract with Pestana, ie. buy one of their golf subscriptions.

NB:- If you do not have a sponsor or are not known to any members of SDM, you will be required to meet with the Management Committee and also play a round of golf with the Club Captain for assessment, prior to your application being considered.

Club Contacts:

Personal Details

In line with Portuguese Golf Federation (Federação Portuguesa de Golfe or FPG) and club rules please provide the following information. The first two lines are information that is generally available to all members. The remaining information is for FPG membership and for use internally in the club for formal notification of meetings.

Golf Details


If you have an existing FPG number, do you wish to transfer Handicap Authority to Serra de Monchique if your application to join the club is successful? (If yes, please complete the FPG Home Club Transfer Form).


The Club annual subscription for 2023 has been set at €100.00 which includes a member’s obligatory annual subscription to the FPG of €60.00. The one time admission for the Club is €30.00
The Club operates cashless competition entry fee system. Please deposit additional €20.00 if you want to play in Club competitions. You can verify your account balance at any time using Members section of this website.

Total for the first year €150.00 (incl. FPG fee and initial members credits)

Pestana Contract
GDPR Consent

As you may be aware there is a change to data protection legislation in Europe, occurring on 25th May 2018 when the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into effect. This harmonised regulation for EU member states provides greater protection for individuals and their privacy where their data is concerned. This legislation will have a number of minor knock on impacts as to how we, as officers of Serra de Monchique Golf Club, and you, as a member of the club, interact and this is summarised below.
In order to remove yourself from SdM databases you need to inform the Club Secretary in writing.


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