Mel Huxtable and Euan Pyper

Another beautiful Algarvean winters day saw a large turn out welcome in new Captain Mel Huxtable and said farewell and thank you to departing Captain Euan Pyper.

Euan putted out on the 18th green accompanied by some Scottish pipe music, we then all transfered to the first tee singing a song written by Mags Taylor to the tune of "This is the way to Amarosa" where Mel hit the first tee shot of the day, a remarkable for Mel 149 meters!


After a very close competitive competition we had further reditions of Mel's song accompanied by soup, chicken, salad and chips.

First Place: Geoff Robinson and Robin Money 46 points

Second Place: Tommy and Karin Sundin 45 points

Third Place: Chris Zisimides and Lesley Cowell

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