Shots= 90% of the difference in sloped handicap, Ladies red tees 

100% Slope Rating

Latest Completion Dates

23th May- Preliminary, 28th June Round 2, 7th August Round 3, 13th September - Semi Final,  13th October - Final

The Pair at the top of each match should contact their opponents with  3 possible dates to play your match 

2020 Champions: Dave Darling & Nigel Cotterill


Round 1 PrelimRound 2Round 3Semi F Final
C.Zisimides & D.Briggs 
R.Veltman & H.V Laar
R.Veltman &H vd Laar
P.Steward  & M.Huxtable 
P.Steward & M.Huxtable
K.Bell &I.Wakenshaw
K.Bell & I Wakenshaw 
Bell & Wakenshaw 
M Greenwood & M Marshall 
Bell & Wakenshaw 
B Pyke & C Bradshaw 
K.Bell & I.wakenshaw 
E Kassner & B Cutt
E.Kassner & B.Cutt 
S.Day & P Kelly
E.kassner & B.Cutt 
T Sundin & B Honour 
D.Underwood &P.Schofield
D Tweed & J Hall 
D.Underwood  &P.Schofield 
D Underwood & P Schofield
 M.Schuijt and Chris Rooney 
R Wraith & S Barratt 
R.Wraith& S Barratt 
P Chapman & K Scott
M.Schuijt & C.Rooney 
E Pyper & G Steel
M.Schuijt  & C.Rooney 
M Schuijt & C Rooney 
M.Schuijt & C.Rooney 
N Cotterill & DDarling 
S Edwards & P Tonstad 
S Edwards & P Tonstad 
R.Emrich &G.bristow 
R Emrich & G Bristow 
R.Emrich & G.Bristow 
L Smith & M Caudle 

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