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Not the Ryder Cup
Saturday, 25 September 2021, 07:57
Silves - Vila Fria,



The actual Ryder Cup is played over 3 days, but we have condensed ours into one competition, playing the same format -  EUROPE vs USA. 

This is a fully drawn team competition.

Please indicate Europe or USA when registering, or Either if you don't mind which. "Either" helps greatly with the ease of the draw, so thank you to any "Either"'s in advance.

As this is a team competition, the whole of the winning team will each receive a bottle of wine, whether you have won your individual game or not. Tip - if husband and wife/partner play for opposing sides, the household gets a bottle of wine, regardless of whether Europe or USA wins.

Team colours to be worn: blue for Europe, red for U.S.A.  

The first 6 six holes played will be a PAIRS BETTER BALL MATCH PLAY (as MM & K/O doubles)

The next 6 holes will be a GREENSOME PAIRS MATCH PLAY COMP (best drive then alternate shots)

The last 6 holes will be a SINGLES MATCH PLAY COMP (as singles K/O matches)

Everyone will be advised of the shots they receive for each section of the competition, once the final start sheet is published. For each of the six holes the winners will receive 1 point, or if all square a half point, so 4 points are at stake for each match - 2 pairs matches, and 2 singles matches.

The winning team is the team with the most points.

A presentation outside the clubhouse, after the match, is anticipated.

Social team match play competition using white and red tees.
For more information visit SDM Golf competition types page.


Please see below information and guidelines, for adequate player behaviour in Covid-19 context for which we ask your special attention.

  • "It has been agreed by Pestana and our Management Committee that the rakes in the bunkers at Silves will now be available.

    Please be aware that it is personal choice whether to use the rakes, but it may be prudent to use your gloved hand or sanitizer in doing so."

    • Respect social distancing at all times.
    • The use of protective masks is mandatory when accessing the premises of the club house.
    • Locker rooms and showers not available.
    • Only 1 selling point available at reception.
    • Check – In maximum with 30 minutes in advance;
    • Arrival at the 1st Tee maximum with 5 minutes in advance.
    • Sanitize your hands along the way and at the end of the game.
    • Partners who are living together may share a buggy.
    • Do NOT touch the flagstick
    •  Club washers, compressor and shoe cleaning brushes are not available
    • Have a nice game.


Vila Fria


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